I've always found solace in the rhythm of the kitchen, amidst the humid air of Savannah, Georgia. As a housewife, cooking isn't just a task; it's my sanctuary, my creative outlet. Each morning, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee dances through the house, mingling with the scent of bacon sizzling in the pan. There's a certain satisfaction in flipping pancakes to golden perfection, knowing they'll be devoured by hungry mouths soon. My pantry is a treasure trove of spices, each one telling a story of its own, inherited from generations past. In the afternoons, the slow simmer of a pot of gumbo fills the air with warmth and comfort, inviting neighbors to linger a little longer on our porch. And as the day fades into evening, the clinking of pots and pans gives way to the laughter of family gathered around the dinner table, sharing stories of the day's adventures. In this bustling Southern city, amidst the swaying Spanish moss and cobblestone streets, my kitchen is my haven, where love is stirred into every dish.
February 20
Savannah, Georgia


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