Hey there! I'm just a cook living in Marietta, Georgia, soaking up all the southern charm and flavors this place has to offer. You'll usually find me bustling around the kitchen, whipping up some classic Georgia dishes with a modern twist. Whether it's a pot of slow-cooked collard greens or a sizzling plate of shrimp and grits, I take pride in bringing that down-home goodness to the table. Living here in Marietta, I'm spoiled for choice when it comes to fresh ingredients, with local farmers' markets brimming with seasonal produce that inspires my culinary adventures. And let's not forget the hospitality—I've learned a thing or two about southern hospitality from my neighbors, and I always aim to make folks feel right at home with every meal I serve. So, if you ever find yourself in Marietta craving some good ol' southern cooking, you know where to find me—just follow the scent of spices and simmering pots!
February 14
Marietta, Georgia, United States


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