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    What is interesting about chicken and broccoli?

    I'm really craving chicken and broccoli from a Chinese restaurant. It comes with veg fried rice and an egg roll. It's one of those standard containers w half entrée and half rice. Broccoli pasta is my go to comfort food,
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    Dragon Fruit Sago Delight

    Amazing ! I definitely want to give this recipe a try.
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    Need inspiration: What's your favorite dish to pair with homemade tomato sauce?

    Chicken parm, lasagna, homemade pizza. I braised beef shank in tomato sauce and wine once, all day in the Dutch oven at 250, and it was excellent
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    Are hard boiled eggs good for your health?

    Everything depends on your body. Eggs are bad for some people's cholesterol. I am one of those. I can't eat yolks. Other people have no probs.
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    How do you keep monkey bread fresh?

    We keep it in the fridge in all weather. Good bread loses its lovely freshness faster this way, but it stays good for longer.
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    How long do you boil lo mein noodles for?

    Perfect texture is the dish's success, if you're asking about boiling noodles it takes 3-4 minutes. But pasta noodles (spaghetti) takes 10 -11 minutes to cook al-dante.
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    Can you use cornstarch in royal icing?

    I use cornstarch in lieu of baking powder. My cookies keep sharper edges.
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    How would you describe cake pops?

    I make my cake pops with instant pudding mix instead of frosting mix to get the doughy feel. It isn't as sweet, so it might be something that could be added to a regular cake recipe.
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    Pesto Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes

    loving your pasta recipe. Pesto pasta is my all time favorite dish. Just 2 days before I made pesto this pasta recipe.
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    How to use jarred pasta sauce?

    I’m not a beginner at cooking, but I’m not creative at all. I need to follow written instructions to make good food. All that said, does anyone have ideas on what to do with this sauce??
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    Is it healthy to eat red pickled onions?

    Yes, red onions are considered a healthy addition to a balanced diet due to their nutrient content and potential health benefits. Onions have been my favorite since childhood; I love Carmela’s chicken. I used to call onions “brown noodles.” After experiencing them in the COVID era, I realized...