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  1. soshi4eva

    Candied Grapes

    Oh,, this would be a nice trick to let eat kids fruits 😁 Thanks for the idea! Maybe it would also work with berries😋
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    How can I make my dinner rolls shiny?

    Honey glaze is my secret for this one! Mix it with a little warm water and brush it over the rolls before baking. It can add both shine and sweetness your rolls ;)
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    Thinking out loud here, but is fruit salad actually a healthier option compared to just munching on fresh fruits?

    Just thinking out loud here, but is making a fruit salad actually healthier than just snacking on fresh fruits? 🤔 I mean, it’s all fruits at the end of the day, right? Or is there something I'm missing? Would love to get your thoughts on this! 🍎🍌🍇 Let's chat! 🌞
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    How long does KFC coleslaw last in the fridge?

    Howdy pals! 🤠 I got a batch of leftovers of coleslaw from KFC. Now, I'm wondering if how long does lasts in the fridge. Does anyone know how long it is? I just wanna make sure it's still good to munch on. 🥗 Just curious if I need to polish it off or if it's still safe to eat. Let's talk it out!🤗
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    Pizza Pockets for Kids

    My kids and I tried this and they loved it! Not only did they like the dish but also enjoyed the process of making them together 😌
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    What goes well with hashbrown casseroles?

    I pair mine with mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, and shredded carrots for a crisp salad. I then add tangy vinaigrette dressing so that it will balance out the savory and creamy flavor of the hashbrowns. My kids like it with some bacon bits on top! ;)
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    Coleslaw Dressing

    Been on the hunt for a quick and easy dressing recipe and luckily found yours ;)Can't wait to try it out at my next BBQ! Thanks for sharing this refreshing recipe.😋
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    Do you refrigerate lemon curd?

    Poppin them on your fridge will help preserve the freshness and flavor of the lemon curd for a longer period. Storing it at room temperature may cause it to degrade more quickly.
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    How long do homemade waffles last?

    Yup, you can definitely stash them! I actually tried on poppin them in the fridge weeks ago and they lasted until 5 days for me. If you are aiming for a longer duration, you should put them in the freezer. Just make sure that you let them cool first before putting them inside an air tight...
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    Leftover Egg Fried Rice

    Have some left over rice and some mixed veggies? Here is a recipe on where you can incorporate those two in a heartful dish This Leftover Fried Rice recipe is fast, easy, tastes great, and uses minimal ingredients;) Prepare: 1 tablespoon canola oil, or more as needed 1 (16-ounce) package...
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    Need side dish inspiration! What pairs well with creamed corn?

    Hi, everyone! 🌽 I'm making some creamed corn and looking for side dish inspiration. What do you love to pair with it? I'm open to all suggestions, whether it's a main dish, another side, or even a particular seasoning that complements it well. Can't wait to hear your ideas! 🍴
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    Empanadas: To Bake or Fry?

    Hi empanada enthusiasts! 🥟✨ I'm caught in a delicious dilemma—should I bake or fry my empanadas? Baking seems healthier, but frying might give that irresistible crunch. 🍳🥖 What's your go-to method for the perfect empanada, and why? Would love to hear your tips and tricks!
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    Honey Balsamic Roasted Carrots

    This would be a perfect side for some roast beef 😋 Thanks for the idea!
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    Rice Dilemma: Best Pick for Making Paella?

    Hey! If you're aiming for that authentic paella experience, I suggest on using bomba rice. It is what creates the creamy and velvety texture of a paella. But warning you, this is very hard to find if you're outside of Spain 😉
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    What is the most delicious buttercream frosting?

    Hey gang, on the hunt for the most scrumptious buttercream frosting. Some swear by Swiss meringue for its silky texture, others prefer American buttercream's sweet, buttery taste. I'm curious about your top picks and any secret ingredients that make your frosting stand out. Share your favorites...
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    With those simple steps and flavorful ingredients, can't wait to have a bite of it. Thanks for sharing this mouthwatering recipe! 😋🥪
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    How do I choose a pork loin roast?

    I suggest on looking for some light marbling as this will have add more flavor and juiciness to your meat ;)
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    Korean-style Hasselback Short Ribs (Galbi Jjim)

    As a K-food lover, this recipe will surely be on my got-to-cook list! I just like how your recipe have very accessible ingredients. Thanks for the idea!;)
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    Sunday Roast Chicken

    Had a Sunday roast chicken last week but it didn't meet my expectations.. Thankfully I found your recipe and it seems easy to follow! Thanks for sharing! 😉
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    What can I substitute for white wine in chicken piccata?

    If you have some chicken stock on hand, you can use it as a substitutes for white whine It will add richness and depth of flavor to your chicken piccata 😉 😉