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  1. chittafrui1t

    What is the best kind of pork roast?

    Pork roast dilemmas? I think a boneless pork butt roast is perfect for slow cooking and shredding. Though, a bone-in pork center loin roast can be elegant and impressive. 😋🥘
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    Wondering: Can Thousand Island dressing spoil?

    I think it's possible, especially if it's been exposed to heat or bacteria. Though, refrigerating it promptly and using it within its recommended shelf life can prevent spoilage.
  3. chittafrui1t

    Help! How do you fix salty bulgogi?

    Dealing with salty bulgogi? I think soaking it briefly in milk or coconut milk might mellow out the saltiness. Though, adding a touch of vinegar or citrus could help cut through the salt. :unsure::love:
  4. chittafrui1t

    Which Korean fried chicken flavor do you swear by?

    Korean fried chicken cravings? I think the spicy BBQ flavor is where it's at! Though, garlic butter adds a delicious richness to every bite. :love:(y)
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    Anyone know if grilled chicken is good for weight loss? Trying to shed some pounds here!

    🍗 Grilled chicken on your weight loss journey? I think it's a solid choice! Though, watch your portions and skip heavy sauces for the best results.
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    What is the history of brussel sprouts?

    Hey everyone, delving into Brussels sprouts' backstory here. These green gems have a rich history, don’t they? Believed to have originated in ancient Rome and later popularized in Belgium, hence their name. Anyone else fascinated by how these sprouts traveled and evolved to become a staple on...
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    How long to store leftover red velvet cake in the fridge?

    About those leftover slices of red velvet heaven... I'd say they're fridge-friendly for 3-4 days. Just wrap 'em well to maintain their moistness!
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    What's the deal with pancit's popularity in the Philippines?

    The vibrant mix of flavors and textures in pancit is unparalleled. I think its popularity can be attributed to its ability to satisfy cravings while offering a balanced meal 🥬.
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    What is a good buttercream texture?

    Be mindful of overmixing once all ingredients are combined. It's easy to go from silky to stiff if you're not careful. I think stopping when it's just combined ensures a light and fluffy texture.
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    Bicol Express

    One of the most famous dishes in the Philippines is pork cooked in coconut milk and flavored with shrimp paste and chili peppers. Most Filipinos definitely have this in their top 5 favorite dishes and today, I wanna share with you the recipe in making Bicol Express. 😋 Bicol Express Recipe...
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    Easy Cheesy Party Snacks

    I'm such a sucker for anything cheesy and this one's definitely gonna be part of my cheesy snacks with my family for our weekly movie night! :love:
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    Margherita Pizza Recipe

    This pizza is definitely a classic! I can't wait to try this one for our night-out with my girls! :love:
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    I was wondering, where did chicken fajitas first come from?

    This question got me really deep in thought. I've been pondering the origins of chicken fajitas, but I'm drawing a blank. 😅 Can anyone shed some light on where these mouthwatering creations first hit the scene? 🤔 I want to appreciate the cultural roots of this beloved dish! 🌎🔍 I would...
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    How do clean your greasy baking dishes easily?

    Hi! Struggling with greasy baking dishes after a delicious meal always dampens my spirit. Soaking overnight helps, but who has that patience? I've tried dish soap and scrubbing, but sometimes, the grease just laughs back. Does anyone have clever tips or hacks for dealing with this mess...
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    Why are my meringue cookies tasting super sweet?

    Hi, sweet friends! 🍬 I just made a batch of meringue cookies, but they're turning out super sweet, like, sugar-overload sweet. 🍪🤯 Did I overdo it on the sugar, or is there a trick to balancing the sweetness? Would love any advice to tone down the sugar rush. Thanks! 🙌
  16. chittafrui1t

    Just curious, what's the real difference between vegetable beef soup and beef stew?

    Culinary curious crew! 🍵🥘 I've been pondering over this - what's the actual difference between vegetable beef soup and beef stew? Is it the thickness, ingredients, or something else? They seem pretty similar to me. Would love to understand the distinctions. Thanks for shedding some light on this! 🤔✨
  17. chittafrui1t

    What is good with deviled eggs?

    Howdy! I'm wondering what pairs well with deviled eggs? 🥚 How about crispy bacon bits sprinkled on top? Or maybe some fresh dill for a burst of herbaceous flavor? I've even heard of folks adding a dash of hot sauce for a spicy kick! What's your suggestion? 🍽️
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    Thinking of snacking on picadillo – is it on the healthier side?

    Health-minded foodies! 🍏 I've been eyeing picadillo as a potential snack option and wondering, does it fall on the healthier side of the spectrum? 🤔 It seems like a hearty choice, but I'm curious about its nutritional profile. Would love to hear your thoughts on snacking healthily with...
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    Pisang Goreng

    If you're looking for a popular street snack, you might want to try these fried bananas coated in crispy batter and deep-fried until golden brown. :love:(y) So I'm sharing here a simple recipe to make Pisang Goreng. Pisang Goreng Recipe Ingredients: 4 ripe bananas (preferably pisang raja or...
  20. chittafrui1t

    How do you keep lemon meringue pie fresh?

    Hey peeps, struggling to keep lemon meringue pie fresh after making it. I’ve tried loosely covering it to avoid moisture buildup, but keeping that meringue perfect is tricky. Refrigerating can make it weepy. Tips or tricks for maintaining its peak deliciousness? How do you manage to keep yours...