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  1. SkrillexAoki

    What is the history of shrimp and grits?

    Hey team, diving into the origins of shrimp 🍤😋 and grits, have we? Born in the Southern marshlands, this dish was first a simple breakfast for coastal fishermen. Over centuries, it's evolved from humble beginnings to a gourmet staple. Curious how traditions vary or what stories you've heard...
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    Home-made Burger

    Your food is filled with delight and charisma! I love it :love:
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    Chocolate Milkshakes

    I am also a chocolate simp and I am loving this recipe! :love:
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    Korean-style Hasselback Short Ribs (Galbi Jjim)

    I just love the way how the cook was rib! Medium rare, my favorite 🥲
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    Super Quick Beef Noodles 🍜

    Heyyy! I just want to share this dish which is perfect if you are lazy in the morning but want to fill up your tummy :ROFLMAO: Well, this dish is basic. This one is named SuperQuick Beef Noodles 🍜 Yep, I name it myself because making it is truly quick! Ingredients: 8 ounces of beef (such as...
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    What to pair with chicken drumsticks?

    Hey there, food enthusiasts! I'm wondering on what to pair with chicken drumsticks. 🍗These are juicy and flavorful on their own, but sometimes I look for other ideas. I've been brainstorming and thought maybe roasted vegetables would become the best pair. 🥗🥦 But hey, I'm open to suggestions! Got...
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    Corn dog: My ultimate comfort food on a stick!

    Wow! May I know what is the flavor
  8. SkrillexAoki

    Corn dog: My ultimate comfort food on a stick!

    Wow! May I know what kind of corndogs is in the left one?
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    My Favorite Escape: Fries :D

    Please don't be angry at me as I post this delicious fries that I made hehe Can I have your suggestions what other dips could be the perfect match for this fries? 🤔
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    Why homemade bread is the best?

    Hey everyone, just wanted to share some thoughts on why homemade bread is unbeatable. There's something about the aroma filling your kitchen, isn't there? Plus, you control the ingredients, ensuring no unnecessary additives. Each loaf comes out unique, infused with a bit of personal touch...
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    Treat yourself in holidays with samgyupsal! Cmon! You deserve it :whistle:
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    Tried doing this numerous time in my own and I am not satisfied :( Thanks for the share <3
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    Nonna's Famous Homemade Gnocchi

    Want to meet your Nonna someday for this delicious recipe! Please say thanks in my behalf :love:
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    Peanut Butter Banana Roll Ups 🥜🍌

    Hey! Want to add a twist in your breakfast? Well here it is, this one is named Peanut Butter Banana Roll Ups! I tried this one earlier and my girlfriend really like it hehe really worth the kiss 😻 Ingredients: 2 large flour tortillas (whole wheat or regular) 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter 2...
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    Garlic Parmesan Roasted Potatoes

    Would be a best appetizer in my home dinner date later with my girlfriend. Thanks! :love:
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    Which Marsala is best for Chicken Marsala?

    I think a dry Marsala goes really well with the flavors of the chicken and sauce, however it actually depends on your palate. To choose your favorite Marsala, though, you might want to try a few different ones. If you have any question, don't be shy pouring out questions in my comment :love::cool:
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    Can I use powdered eggs for French toast?

    Hmmmm. Based on my experience, I believe powdered eggs might make a useful stand-in if you're short on time. However, it might not taste as well as when using fresh eggs. 🥚. Hope this helps! ;)
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    Got a Bunch of Pinto Beans: What Should I Cook Up?

    Hi, bean buddies! 🌱 I've found myself with an abundance of pinto beans and I'm itching to get creative in the kitchen. 🍳 Do you have any favorite dishes or secret recipes that make these beans shine? From soups to salads or something totally out there, I'm all ears! Spill the beans!
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    Fish Cakes

    Went Korea last year! Their streetfoods are 10/10 💯
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    Late Night Starbucks 🥰

    Spent my late night evening in Starbucks enjoying this Frappuccino hehe 😎