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  1. IceTray3

    Kimchi Stew

    Well, this one is really lit 🔥🌶️
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    Chicken Sandwich

    Not really a fan of sandwich but the chicken makes me want try this one out!
  3. IceTray3

    Chocolate Crust Cheesecake 💯

    A great dessert comes with great responsibility ;)🤎
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    What vegetables go well with bulgogi?

    Hey there! Zucchini seems like a fantastic option. Its subtle flavor will not compete with the bulgogi. However, young spinach might offer some nutrition and a splash of color (y) Hope this can help you :)
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    What culture is teriyaki sauce from?

    Though its origins may be traced back to the Edo era, Teriyaki sauce is a Japanese invention. ;):)
  6. IceTray3

    How many calories are in Mexican rice?

    Well, based on my Mexican cousin, he believes that the number of calories in Mexican rice fluctuates according on the recipe and portion size. However, a cup usually has 200–400 calories. 🍚:)
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    Thai-Inspired Green Curry Chicken Wraps

    Tried this in a restaurant in Thailand! Thank you for sharing this recipe since I really miss eating this :)
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    Hearty Beef Chuck Stew

    Perfect for my breakfast where I cook fried rice. Indeed a perfect matchy :cool:
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    Shokugeki no Sama: Salmon Coulibiac 🤭

    Hi guys! I am back to continue my series of sharing the recipe of the dishes from Shokugeko no Sama anime 🫡 Well, this one is specialy since it is a dish made by Ryo Kurokiba on one of his most intense food battle 🫨 This dish is named Salmon Coulibiac. This one got a lot of variations and...
  10. IceTray3

    Can you replace eggs in waffle mix?

    Indeed! Also, I've seen recipes that call for using carbonated water in place of eggs for making waffle batter. However, it could lighten and fluff up the waffles. ;)
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    Caprese Panini

    Quite excited what is the taste of those mixing flavors! I am sure that my tounge will melt how delicious this is :love:
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    Indeed! Super perfect for this long holiday break :love:
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    Shokugeki no Soma: Lemon Curd Italiano Semifreddo

    Hello! I am back to deliver you the recipes of the foods from my favorite anime :cool: Well, this one is lit 🔥 The dish is named Lemon Curd Italiano Semifreddo. Not only it sounds expensive, but it also filled with savory flavors and charismatic aroma :love: Ingredients: For the Lemon Curd: 3...
  14. IceTray3

    What Tastes Amazing Alongside My Freshly Baked Focaccia Bread?

    Hello fellow foodie! I believe the ideal side dish for your focaccia bread would be a tray of cured meats and various cheeses. But for a well-rounded flavor, don't forget to add some sliced fruits and nuts. :love::giggle:
  15. IceTray3

    What goes well with chicken wings?

    Hey! A crisp coleslaw dressed with a zesty vinaigrette is a fantastic option. However, loaded potato skins are a better option if you're looking for something heavier. ;)
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    Irresistible Charm of Creamy Carbonara

    I am! 🙌 It's a date! I will bring wine hahaha jk
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    Famous Shepherd's Pie

    Are you sure that it is a comfort food? Well, I am :love: as soon as I see the sample picture and I am instantly in love with this ❤️
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    Pappardelle Carbonara 🍜

    Same decision hehe I will update you if my friends also like your recipe :love:
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    Salmon Risotto 😎

    Greetings! Are you like me who wants to optimize his workouts by eating? Then you came into the right place 😁 Well, I want to share this high protein recipe and this dish is called Salmon Risotto! No worries! This dish is easy and fast to make 😃 Ingredients: 1 cup Arborio rice 1/2 cup dry...
  20. IceTray3

    Who made the original fish taco?

    I had the same thoughts! To add, no matter where origin it is, it always has a special hear to us fish lovers :love: