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  1. Klaire_Desteen

    Anybody know how many cals are packed into Cajun pasta?

    Hey! I love Cajun pasta, but I’ll keep it as a special treat now that I know how many calories it packs. Appreciate the heads-up! 😊
  2. Klaire_Desteen

    What goes well with Brussels sprouts?

    Hey all, brainstorming on what pairs well with Brussels sprouts. These veggies shine with robust flavors like garlic, bacon, or balsamic glaze. I’ve tossed them with nuts and cheese too. Curious about your favorite combos or unique pairings. What ingredients do you think elevate Brussels sprouts...
  3. Klaire_Desteen

    Kulfi Indian Ice Cream 🍃

    Wow, thanks for sharing this fascinating history of Kulfi! It's incredible how traditional methods shape the texture and taste🍨
  4. Klaire_Desteen

    Buckeye Bundt Cake

    I can already imagine the rich, moist texture with a hint of sweetness from the powdered sugar. Also, it's super easy to make with just a few simple ingredients! 😋
  5. Klaire_Desteen

    Perfect Roast Chicken with Lemon Herb Pan Sauce

    Oh, this recipe sounds like a winner! 😋 I'm all about that crispy skin and flavorful sauce. I'm definitely trying this out for dinner tonight! 🍋✨
  6. Klaire_Desteen

    Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

    Wow, your grandma's recipe looks amazing! Do you have any tips for making sure the cookies come out perfectly crinkled every time? 🤔🍫
  7. Klaire_Desteen

    🌽🧁 Cornbread Muffins

    Yum! Those cornbread muffins seem tasty! I can almost taste the warm, buttery goodness just by looking at them 😋
  8. Klaire_Desteen

    Garlic Butter Chicken Recipe

    Hello! Have you ever tried adding any veggies to the skillet with the chicken? I wonder how some sautéed spinach or mushrooms would taste with all that delicious garlic butter sauce. 🥦🍄
  9. Klaire_Desteen

    Which flour do you prefer for vegan pancakes?

    Spelt and buckwheat flour are fantastic choices for vegan pancakes. 🌾 They add a delicious twist to the taste and texture. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Klaire_Desteen

    How long does jungle juice stay fresh?

    Hey there! Typically, jungle juice stays fresh for about 24-48 hours after making it. To keep it fresh longer, store it in the fridge and give it a good stir before serving. 🍹
  11. Klaire_Desteen

    🍹 Does apple cider have an expiration date?

    Hey! Apple cider can indeed expire, especially if it's been sitting around for a while. Check the expiration date on the bottle or jug, and if it's past that, it's probably best to toss it😄
  12. Klaire_Desteen

    French Orange Yoghurt Cake

    Your cake looks yummy! The citrusy goodness must make every slice irresistible🍊
  13. Klaire_Desteen

    Mango Smoothie

    Yum! Mango smoothies are so good. 😋 What else do you put in yours? 🥭
  14. Klaire_Desteen

    What's the scoop on the benefits of eating eggs benedict?

    Eggs Benedict can be a great source of protein from the eggs and healthy fats from the hollandaise sauce. Plus, you get a good dose of vitamins and minerals😊
  15. Klaire_Desteen

    Are donut holes usually yeast-based or cake-based?

    Hey there! Yup, donut holes can be both yeast-based and cake-based. The yeast ones are light and fluffy, while the cake ones are more dense and chewy.😉
  16. Klaire_Desteen

    Any tips for ramping up the flavor in chicken and mushroom dishes?

    I like to make my chicken and mushroom dishes tastier by adding a bit of balsamic vinegar when I cook the mushrooms. It gives them a really yummy flavor!💕
  17. Klaire_Desteen

    Efficient Prep: Tips for Making Waldorf Salad

    Hello! One of my favorite time-saving tips is to pre-chop all the ingredients in advance and store them in separate containers in the fridge. That way, when it's time to make the salad, everything is ready to go! 😊
  18. Klaire_Desteen

    𓋼 Is it just me, or do stuffed mushrooms have an earthy taste? Ⱄ

    I totally agree. Stuffed mushrooms definitely have that earthy taste that adds a unique flavor to them. It's like a little taste of nature in every bite! 🍄🌿
  19. Klaire_Desteen

    Tips for serving rum punch without a punch bowl?

    Looking for some advice! Anyone have tips for serving rum punch without a punch bowl? I'm hosting a party and don't have one handy. Any creative ideas or alternatives to share? Let's brainstorm together! 💡
  20. Klaire_Desteen

    Is it safe to enjoy rum balls while pregnant?

    Hey moms-to-be! I'm craving some rum balls but unsure if it's safe during pregnancy. 🤔 Can anyone shed some light on whether indulging in these treats is okay for expecting moms? Any advice or experiences to share? Thanks a bunch! 🌸