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  1. Marich

    How do you keep homemade dinner rolls soft?

    Hello all! Curious about what you apply to dinner rolls pre-baking? I often use a butter glaze but am keen on trying new things. Perhaps a mix involving herbs or garlic? Is adding cheese too unconventional? Eager for your favorite tips or any unique additions that elevate them to another level!
  2. Marich

    How fattening is chicken tikka masala?

    Hey fam, so I've been eyeing chicken tikka masala for my meal prep, but gotta wonder, how heavy does this dish hit on calories? Love indulging in its creamy, spicy goodness but seriously need to know if it’s gonna mess with my fitness goals. Anyone got the scoop on this?
  3. Marich

    Pizza Sharing 🍕🎉

    Hey everyone! Immerse yourself in the world of cuisine tonight: pizza! We're about to devour a mass of cheesy things and savoring toppings that will leave you starving for even more. Imagine this: in all its glory, showing a perfectly baked crust with gooey mozzarella, sour tomato sauce, and...
  4. Marich

    Crispy Smashed Potatoes Recipe 💥🥔

    Oh yeah, those Crispy Smashed Potatoes are legit! Fluffy inside, crispy outside—total texture heaven! :love:
  5. Marich

    Bisquick Sausage Balls Recipe

    Hi there, @ChocoJay! those Bisquick Sausage Balls sound awesome! Can't wait to try 'em out at my next party. Thanks for the tip! ;) 😊
  6. Marich


    That sounds awesome! Pizza muffins for the win, right? Those were the days. What's your secret ingredient?😃😄
  7. Marich

    Turmeric Chicken Soup Recipe 𓅸

    Hi there, @laplus! That sounds amazing! Your Homemade turmeric chicken soup sounds like just the thing to unwind with after a hectic day. Share the love and warmth! 😊
  8. Marich

    Does spinach artichoke dip have protein?

    Hey there, eihra520! Surprisingly enough, spinach artichoke dip is usually packed with protein coming from the cheese and greek yogurt and not just the taste, but it can actually be considered somewhat good for you.
  9. Marich

    Electricity Bills and Bread Makers: Do They Guzzle Power?

    Hey there, @JulieBaker! Bread makers use electricity too, but they are not as expensive as some other appliances are. They are very energetic and do not run for a long time. Therefore, get one for that fresh artisan toast feeling! 😊 👌
  10. Marich

    Is pozole verde actually healthy?

    Hi, Prel! Pozole verde is an excellent choice if you want to go for healthy eats because of its nutritious components. It's good for snacks because it's got veggies and lean protein, but remember that portion control is important, as some versions have too much salt and calories. ;) 😊
  11. Marich

    Any way to whip up hamburger soup sans beef broth?

    Hi there, @Coco ! No beef broth? No worries! You can use chicken broth, even vegetable broth to give your hamburger soup a tasty yumminess. They will give the flavor of beef bread without beef. Enjoy!🍲;)
  12. Marich

    How did chicken pot pie become popular?

    Hi! Chicken pot pie, as any type of old-fashioned classics, is sure to appeal to your palate no matter, it is so easy to make, the intense, and a great opportunity to get rid of your leftovers. Besides, how can one resist those golden, crispy, flaky pastry shells?
  13. Marich

    Is a Mojito a Cocktail or a Mocktail? Share Your Thoughts!

    Party people, hear me out! 🍹🎉 I need some clarification here! Is a Mojito officially classified as a cocktail or a mocktail? 🤔🍸 Worried I've been serving the wrong thing at gatherings! 😅 Share your thoughts and insights. I really want to clear this once and for all! 🤷‍♂️
  14. Marich

    Can I add flour to my Alfredo sauce?

    Hiii! Wondrin’ if anyone's tried thickening Alfredo sauce with flour. Always thought roux could work wonders for gravies, so why not for Alfredo? Concerned it might alter the classic taste or texture too much. Love to hear your tricks for a smoother, richer sauce without compromising flavor. Any...
  15. Marich

    Amazingly Good Eggnog 🥚

    Hi everyone, I wanted to share a recipe that my family always makes, especially during celebrations and holidays! It's for Eggnog, which is a thick and creamy drink with just the right amount of spice, making it perfect for any occasion. It's difficult to describe the flavor of Eggnog to someone...
  16. Marich

    French Onion Chicken Meatballs Recipe

    Hey there, @Chiyah_ ! Sounds like you're onto something delicious! French onion chicken meatballs with all that cheesy, caramelized onion goodness? Count me in! Can't wait to whip up a batch of those mouthwatering meatballs. 🤗
  17. Marich

    Taco Spaghetti Recipe

    Hey there, @EternalVoyager ! This certainly sounds like a well-matched combination! For me taco spaghetti is a new thing, but if it sounds tasty I will try it without doubt. 🤗
  18. Marich

    Corn ribs Recipe

    Hey there, @DreamingPilgrim ! That's awesome to hear. Mind sharing the recipe with us? Always on the lookout for kid-friendly hits! ;) 😊
  19. Marich

    What's the one big no-no to steer clear of when whipping up a peach dump cake?

    Hey there, @strawberrykiss0325 ! One big mistake to avoid with peach dump cakes is using too much liquid or syrup from the canned peaches—it can make the cake too soggy. Drain 'em well before tossing them in! 🍑 ;)
  20. Marich

    What's the deal with eating 7 layer salad every single day? Any perks?

    Hello @johnlloyd , I hardly remember how I was surviving on junk food! They're like a nicely balanced repertoire of vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants, which in turn keeps your system healthy and detoxified. As well, you chill with clean intake of vegetables.🥗