Do people around the world enjoy French martini?


Culinary Explorer
Hey everyone! 🌍 I'm curious to know if French martinis are enjoyed worldwide. 🍸 Have you come across this delicious cocktail in your travels or heard about its popularity in different parts of the world? I'm intrigued to learn about its global reach and any unique variations out there! Cheers!
Hey! 🌍 French martinis are indeed enjoyed worldwide, and you'll find them on many cocktail menus, especially in trendy bars and upscale lounges. 🍸 While the classic recipe is popular, some places put their own spin on it, adding unique twists with local ingredients. Cheers!
Totally! French Martinis have fans all over the globe! They’re loved for their fruity flavor and fancy vibes. 🍹 Whether you're in Paris or New York, this cocktail is a hit at bars and parties alike! Cheers to that!