Do you like fried or baked pretzels?


Culinary Explorer
Heyy pals! 🥨 I'm into this question on which one do you like your pretzels to be done? Do you like it crispy fried or baked? 🤔 tbh, I like baked ones cause I prefer it to be less oily. I think it's way healthier too. How about you? Feel free to share your own preference and why. 🤗🙂
Team baked all the way! 🙌 Fried pretzels can be a bit greasy for me ..haha don't get me wrong, they're delicious, but baked pretzels hit the spot when you're craving that crispy, salty goodness aaand they're a bit healthier too 🤗
Oh, the great pretzel debate! Personally, I'm all about that crispy, golden-brown goodness of fried pretzels, but baked ones have their own charm—less guilt and still tasty! 🥨🔥
I think both fried and baked pretzels have their own unique appeal! 🥨🔥🥨🔥 Though, baked pretzels might be a healthier option since they're not cooked in oil. 🍴