Help! Why does my lemon cake have a floury aftertaste?


Novice Foodie
Good morning baking friends! 🍰 I need some help – my lemon cake keeps having this floury aftertaste, no matter what I do. πŸ˜– Is there a trick to avoiding this? Maybe I'm mixing it wrong, or my measurements are off? Would love to get your tips for a tastier cake. Thanks a bunch! πŸ‹
Good morning! 🌞 To avoid that floury aftertaste, make sure you're mixing your batter thoroughly so the flour is fully incorporated. Also, double-check your measurements and try sifting the flour before adding it to the mix for a smoother texture. Happy baking! 🍰✨
Hey! Don’t worry, it happens! A floury aftertaste in lemon cake could mean you didn’t mix the batter enough, or maybe you used too much flour. Make sure to spoon and level your flour when measuring! Try mixing a bit longer next time for a smoother texture. You got this!