Homemade French fries: What's good and what's not?


Culinary Explorer
Let’s talk pros and cons of making french fries at home. What do you love about homemade fries? What are the challenges? Whether it's the taste, the mess, or the time it takes, let's weigh in and share our thoughts! 🏡🍟
You control the ingredients! Fresh potatoes, your favorite oil, and perfect seasoning - homemade fries are unbeatable for flavor customization. Also, you can choose healthier fats for frying, like avocado oil, and skip the excess salt that often comes with store-bought fries. The cons are prepping, frying, and cleaning up can take longer than grabbing a bag of frozen fries. 🙂👍😉👌✨
Homemade French fries are great because they can be perfectly crispy and seasoned to your liking 🍟😋, but they can be tricky to get just right and might turn out soggy if not cooked properly. 🚫🥔