I'm allergic to eggs, but I wanna eat pancakes. Anyone got recipes?


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Hello breakfast buddies! Seeking egg-free pancake recipes due to allergies. Any cooking experts got a workaround for this? Gimme some ideas for delicious, eggless pancakes. I'm so eager to flip some flapjacks sans eggs. Who's got the scoop on allergen-friendly pancake perfection? Let's cook up a storm together!
There are recipes that replace silken tofu for eggs by blending it with just a little of water. Tofu, despite its odd name, it provides moisture and aids in binding the pancake dough. :D(y)
I think you can considered using yogurt or buttermilk in your pancake batter. It can help achieve fluffy pancakes without eggs.
you might want to try replacing eggs with applesause, this works particularly well in recipes that call for a small number of eggs.
Hey breakfast buddies! 😊🥞 Dealing with egg allergies doesn't mean missing out on fluffy, delicious pancakes! There are plenty of egg-free recipes out there that still deliver the perfect stack of flapjacks. You can try using mashed bananas, applesauce, or even a flaxseed or chia seed "egg" as a binder. These alternatives not only work well but also add a hint of sweetness and extra nutrients to your pancakes. Get ready to flip some allergen-friendly pancake perfection! 🥞🍌
Hey!You can go for a classic recipe but replace eggs with a mix of vinegar and baking soda 🥚. It reacts similarly and makes fluffy pancakes! I think it's a good alternative, though. ;)