Pappardelle Carbonara 🍜


Tasty Apprentice
Hey there, pasta-loving buddies! It's very rare that I crave or make pasta, but I felt inspired to do so with this beautiful weather. I am satisfied with the result of my pasta and eager to share a delightful recipe with you!

Pappardelle Carbonara.jpg

  • 1 package long, thin pasta like spaghetti or linguine (I used Del Cecco Pappardelle)
  • 3-4 slices thick cut bacon (I prefer Wrights)
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 C Parmesan cheese
  • 1/2 C pecorino Romano cheese

  1. Put 3 to 4 strips of thick cut back in a skillet. Don’t overcook your bacon. Also boil a large pot of water. Salt the water. Crack and mix 3 eggs in a bowl. Pour 1-2 cups Parmesan and/or pecorino Romano cheese into a separate bowl.
  2. Cook your pasta to al dente according to the package, maybe even a minute less. Reserve a cup of the pasta water before you drain.
  3. Remove bacon from skillet, to a paper towel first, then to a chopping board. Coarsely chop. Add back to skillet with leftover grease. Remove extra grease if you have an excess of more than a couple tablespoons.
  4. Add your drained noodles to the bacon and grease, stirring well.
  5. This is where you work fast. Turn your heat off, move the skillet to an unheated surface, and pour the eggs over the noodles. Stirring and scraping the bottom so that the eggs do not stick and scramble. Most important part!
  6. Once the eggs have formed a perfect bond to the noodles, move the pan back to the heat (off but still very hot) and pour in cheese. Pour pasta water in sparingly to help the cheese melt to the noodles.
  7. Transfer to a pour and ENJOY!
It is comfort food at its finest, warming you from the inside out with its creamy flavors. Enjoying a beautiful day with this carbonara is a treat! I hope you will try it too. ʚɞ
Wow, this Pappardelle Carbonara recipe looks amazing! The combination of creamy sauce, crispy pancetta, and perfectly cooked pasta has me drooling already. I'm definitely going to give this a try for my next pasta night. Thanks for sharing such a mouthwatering recipe!
Ahh, Pappardelle Carbonara! A dish that always makes me feel cozy and decadent! 🍜😋 This traditional pasta dish from Italy, with its flavorful and creamy sauce, has a special place in my culinary repertoire.