Quiche debate: Is it a meal or more of a dessert?


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Hey foodie friends! 🥧🍽️ Let's settle the quiche debate once and for all: is it a hearty meal or a sweet dessert? Some say quiche belongs on the dinner table, while others argue it's a perfect dessert option. Share your thoughts and let's dish out the verdict! 🥧🍴
Quiche as a dessert might not be the best choice due to its savory nature with ingredients like cheese, bacon, and vegetables. It's traditionally served as a hearty meal or a substantial snack rather than a sweet treat.
Hi there! Quiche is typically considered a meal rather than a dessert. Quiche is usually savory, made with ingredients like eggs, cheese, meat, and vegetables, making it more suited for meals such as breakfast, brunch, or lunch.(y)(y):)