What am I doing wrong? My Southern mac and cheese isn’t coming out smooth.


Culinary Explorer
I’m having a tough time achieving a smooth texture in my mac and cheese; it tends to come out grainy. Could use some pointers on techniques or ingredients that might help. Any suggestions? 🤔🍴
For smoother mac and cheese, try using freshly grated cheese instead of pre-shredded, as the latter often contains anti-caking agents that can cause graininess. Also, make sure to melt the cheese on low heat and whisk continuously for a creamy texture. Enjoy! 🧀✨
Hey there! For that perfectly smooth mac and cheese, try these tips:
  1. Roux it up: Make a roux with butter and flour before adding milk. It keeps the sauce from getting lumpy.
  2. Slow pour: Add milk gradually while stirring constantly.
  3. Cheese matters: Use freshly grated cheese instead of pre-shredded. It melts better!
Good luck! 🧀✨