What are the must-have ingredients for French martini?


Culinary Explorer
I'm eager to shake up some French martinis, but I'm not sure which ingredients are essential for that perfect mix. 🍍Could you enlighten me on the must-have ingredients? I'm ready to stock up my bar and elevate my cocktail game! Thanks a bunch! 🍹
Absolutely! For a classic French martini, you'll need vodka, raspberry liqueur (like Chambord), and pineapple juice. Shake them up with ice and you're all set to enjoy a delightful cocktail! 🍸🍍 Cheers!
The must-have ingredients for a French Martini are vodka, raspberry liqueur (like Chambord), and fresh pineapple juice! ✨ Shake it all up with ice, and you’re in for a fruity treat! Cheers! 🥂