What meat is used for burnt ends?


Culinary Explorer
🤔 I've heard about these delicious BBQ treats, but I'm not sure what kind of meat they're made from. Can anyone shed some light on this? I'm eager to try making them at home! Thanks for your help! 🍖
They’re made from the point end of a beef brisket. This part of the brisket is super flavorful and gets nice and crispy when smoked. 🙂👌😉
Thank you! I love how flavorful and crispy the point end of the brisket gets when smoked. It's definitely one of my favorite parts. 😊👌😉
I think using the point end of a beef brisket yields the best burnt ends! 🍖🔥 Though, don't be afraid to experiment with other cuts for a unique twist.