What’s the go-to alcohol for mixing up a lemon drop?


Culinary Explorer
Yow, mixology mavens! 🍸 I'm gearing up to mix some lemon drops and got to wondering, what's the go-to alcohol for this zesty cocktail? 🍋 Is there a particular type or brand that really makes the drink? I'm aiming for that perfect lemon drop magic. Excited to hear your recommendations! Cheers! 🥂
Vodka's the way to go for lemon drops! Something smooth like Absolut or Ketel One works great. Just make sure it's chilled, mix with fresh lemon juice and a touch of sweetness. Bam! You've got that lemony goodness. 😋
Hey there! 🍋 When it comes to whipping up a killer lemon drop, vodka is the MVP! 🍸 Its clean taste lets the tangy lemon shine while giving that perfect kick. But hey, if you're feeling fancy, some folks swear by using citrus-infused vodka for an extra zesty twist! It's all about that personal preference and making it your own! So grab your shaker and get ready to shake up some sunshine in a glass!