Which is better for pumpkin pancakes: butter or oil? 🎃🥞


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Quick question: When it comes to making pumpkin pancakes, do you recommend using butter or oil? I'm aiming for that irresistibly crispy edge and wonder what you think works best. Hoping to gather some pro tips! 🧈🛢️
Hi There!👋👋 If you want a richer flavor and don't mind the potential for quicker browning, butter is a good choice. If you prefer a lighter texture and want to avoid any risk of burning, oil might be the better option. Some recipes even use a combination of both for a balance of flavor and texture. Choosing between butter and oil can depend on personal preference. ;)
For pumpkin pancakes, using melted butter tends to impart a richer flavor, complementing the pumpkin well, though oil can also work to keep them moist depending on your preference. 🎃🥞
I think it's butter. Oil is very simple, if you want to add rich flavor and enhances the texture, making pumpkin pancakes more flavorful and tender butter is a better choice.:)
It really depends on your vibe! Butter adds a rich flavor and makes them super delicious, while oil gives you a lighter texture and keeps them moist. If you want that classic pancake taste, go for butter! 🧈 But if you’re looking for a healthier option, oil works great too! Happy cooking!