Why does my Irish soda bread keep turning out so dry? Anyone else struggle with this?🍞💧


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Ugh, every time I bake Irish soda bread, it ends up super dry. 😩 Does anyone else have this issue? I’m following the recipe to the letter, but something's not clicking. Anyone got tips or tricks to keep it moist and delicious? 🍞💧 I'm all ears for your sage advice! 🙏
Oh no, dry soda bread is the worst! 😩 Try adding a bit more buttermilk to the dough, and be careful not to overbake it. Also, wrapping it in a clean towel right after baking can help retain moisture. 🍞💧 Good luck! 🙏
I used to have the same problem with Irish soda bread. One trick that worked for me is to add a bit more buttermilk or yogurt to the dough. It helps keep it moist and tender. Hope this helps! 🍞💧