Why is Bloody Mary a morning drink?


Culinary Explorer
Hey, so I've been wondering, why is Bloody Mary often tagged as a morning drink? Seriously, what's up with vodka and tomato juice becoming brunch staples? Curious because you don't usually peg cocktails for the A.M. Want to understand the vibe or history behind this. Anyone else think it's a bit odd but cool?
🍅 Ever wondered why the Bloody Mary reigns supreme at brunch? ☀️🍹 It's all about that zesty kick and savory goodness to kickstart your day! 🌶️🥫 Plus, its tomato juice base is packed with vitamins, making it the ultimate morning pick-me-up! 🍅💪 So, sip on that spicy concoction and let the flavors awaken your taste buds for the day ahead! ☕🌟