Can dogs safely eat hot dog chili?

Is it safe for my furry friend to have some of my hot dog chili? I'd hate to give him something that might upset his stomach. 🐶 Any advice would be great!
Hello there! ah, the age-old question about pups and chili! 🌭🐶 While a plain hot dog might be alright as a rare treat, hot dog chili can be risky. It often contains spices that could upset our furry friends' stomachs. Better to stick with treats made just for them! 🐾
While dogs might give you those irresistible puppy eyes for a taste, it's best to keep the hot dog chili to yourself and treat your furry friend to something safer and more pup-friendly! 🐶🌭
Yeah, totally agree. Dogs might beg, but that chili ain't good for 'em. Better stick to dog-friendly treats, keeps 'em happy and healthy. 🐶🚫🌭