Can I add flour to my Alfredo sauce?


Tasty Apprentice
Hiii! Wondrin’ if anyone's tried thickening Alfredo sauce with flour. Always thought roux could work wonders for gravies, so why not for Alfredo? Concerned it might alter the classic taste or texture too much. Love to hear your tricks for a smoother, richer sauce without compromising flavor. Any advice?
Skip the flour! Simmer your Alfredo sauce to thicken it up :) You'll get a richer, smoother sauce without it getting gloppy ..Add some Parmesan at the end for extra creaminess! 🧀😋
Adding flour to Alfredo sauce is not traditional, but it can be used as a thickening agent if desired, though it may alter the texture and flavor slightly. Be sure to cook the flour thoroughly in butter before adding the other ingredients to avoid a raw flour taste.:);)