Help! How do you fix salty bulgogi?


Culinary Explorer
Heya, kitchen wizards! Made bulgogi today, but whoops, too salty. How do you dial back on that saltiness? Tried adding sugar; still feels like I'm licking a salt block. Water dilutes flavor too much. Anyone got clever hacks or ingredients that could save this dish? Really don't wanna start over.
Hey! If your bulgogi is too salty, try adding a bit of acidity like lemon juice or vinegar to balance it out. You can also throw in some sliced potatoes or tofu to soak up the excess salt.
Hey there! So sorry to hear about your salty bulgogi mishap. When I've had this issue, I found that adding a splash of unsweetened coconut milk can help mellow out the saltiness without diluting the flavor too much. Also, tossing in some thinly sliced pear or apple can add a hint of sweetness to balance things out. Hope these suggestions help salvage your dish! :)
Dealing with salty bulgogi? I think soaking it briefly in milk or coconut milk might mellow out the saltiness. Though, adding a touch of vinegar or citrus could help cut through the salt. :unsure::love: