Is shrimp scampi bad for high blood pressure?


Culinary Explorer
Hi there guys! Is shrimp scampi bad for people with high blood pressure? It has always been my favorite but I'm worried about my health. You guys got any insights?
Shrimp itself is actually good for heart health 🍤(y)W atch the sodium content in the recipe though coz that might be the bigger concern for blood pressure ..Maybe look for a recipe that goes light on the butter or uses low-sodium broth could still enjoy your scampi fix! 😊
Hey! 🦐 Shrimp scampi can be a bit of a mixed bag for folks with high blood pressure. On one hand, shrimp itself is low in fat and calories, which is great. But the sauce in scampi dishes can be loaded with butter and garlic, which might not be so great for your blood pressure. It really depends on how it's prepared and how much you eat. Maybe try making a lighter version with less butter and more herbs? 🙌