What goes well with baked beans?


Novice Foodie
Hey all! Wondering what pairs best with baked beans ☺? I've found that grilled cheese sandwiches turn an ordinary lunch into something special 🥪. For a heartier meal, adding sausages or bacon creates a flavor-packed dish. Eggs make a great addition for breakfast 🍳, combining protein sources efficiently. Vegetarians often prefer mixing beans with rice or cornbread, ensuring a balanced meal. Curious about other combos you've tried or heard of. Sharing experiences could lead us to discover new favorites! 🤤🤭🧡
You're spot on with all those ideas! 🎯 Especially love the grilled cheese and baked bean combo for a lunch upgrade ..Though, I also think baked beans are amazing with BBQ pulled pork or chicken for a hearty dinner 😋