What is the best way to cook a brisket?

Though some might argue, I find that marinating the brisket overnight in a blend of spices and vinegar tenderizes it beautifully
Totally agree! Overnight marination of the brisket serves its respective purpose. A combination of spices and vinegar do their job here as the meat gets as soft and highly flavored as one could possibly imagine. I am such a fruit lover! There's no competition for that sweet and tangy taste!;)
Hello buddy πŸ™Œ I've discovered that keeping the brisket delicious and moist may be achieved by adding a small amount of liquid to the cooking pot, such as apple cider vinegar or beef broth. However, some purists contend that if you prepare it properly, there's no need for it. Well, this is only just my experience ;):)
True story! Including a little apple cider vinegar or beef broth can be good for moistness of the brisket, but some of them say if you cook it right enough, you don't need these. I want to take advantage of this opportunity and say a tiny bit πŸ˜€. Your brisket doing well?