Why does my potato soup taste starchy?

Ye In

Culinary Explorer
Hey food-buddies, I've run into a bit of a snag with my potato soup—it's coming out more starchy than I'd hoped. Followed my recipe to the letter, ensuring potatoes are fully cooked, yet consistency isn't right. Wanna get that smooth, creamy texture without the starchy aftertaste. Tia for any advice you can share!
For a smoother potato soup, try blending a portion of it until creamy, then mixing it back into the pot. This helps achieve a velvety texture without the starchy taste. Also, consider adding a splash of broth or cream to further enhance the consistency and flavor. :giggle:
Hey there! Sorry to hear about your potato soup troubles. One thing you might want to try is adding a bit more liquid to the soup to help thin it out and reduce the starchiness. You could also try blending it longer to get a smoother texture. And if you're still not happy with the results, maybe experimenting with different types of potatoes could make a difference. Hope that helps!