Is it possible to bake a crust-less quiche? Anyone got a recipe?


Culinary Explorer
Hey all! Wondering if anyone's tried baking a crustless quiche. My little kitchen have led me to experiment more, aiming for something lighter yet still delicious. Got any tips or recipes for this? Really curious about how to keep its structure without the crust holding everything together. I’d like to get some recipes here.
Absolutely! I use a silicone mold to keep the shape of the quiche without the traditional crust. Hope this helps! 😘
Yasss! Crustless quiche is totally doable and delicious. Just whisk up your favorite quiche ingredients like eggs 🥚, milk 🥛, cheese 🧀, veggies 🥦, and meats 🥓, pour them into a greased pie dish, and bake until set. Voila! Crustless quiche perfection!