What are the qualities of the perfect baguette?


Culinary Explorer
Hey everyone, diving into what defines the perfect baguette. For me, it's about the crispy crust, airy inside, and that distinctive chew. But opinions vary, right? What characteristics do you look for? šŸ˜‹šŸ„– Is it the flavor, texture, aroma, or something else that elevates a baguette from good to great in your eyes? āœØ
For me, the perfect baguette has gotta have that crackly crust that shatters when you bite into it, you know? And inside, it's gotta be light and airy, with those big holes that trap all the flavor. Oh, and it's gotta smell like heaven when it comes outta the oven! šŸ„–šŸ˜ That's when you know it's the real deal!
The perfect baguette should have a crisp, golden crust with a slightly chewy texture, while the inside is soft and airy with lots of irregular holes. It should have a nutty, slightly sweet flavor with a hint of tanginess. šŸ„–