What happens if I added too much flour to brownies?


Novice Foodie
Oops, I might have gotten a bit carried away with the flour while making brownies. :eek:

Has anyone experienced this? Curious about how this extra amount might affect texture or taste.

Would love some tips on salvaging this batch or adjusting the recipe for next time. Thanks for sharing insights! 😘
Whoopsie! Adding too much flour to brownies can make them a bit dry and cakey. Try adding a splash of milk or some melted butter to soften them up, or tweak the recipe next time by reducing your flour a bit!
You can try adding some milk, oil or melted butter to soften up your brownies as the flour had absorbed all the mixture on your batter. Also observed them while baking as you've adjusted your recipe, you're baking time should also be adjusted to avoid overbaking.