Why are my egg bites watery? 𓆇༄


Tasty Apprentice
Hey everyone, I've hit a snag with my latest kitchen venture into egg bites—they're turning out watery 😐🥚. I followed the recipe to a T, but each batch seems to have excess liquid. Is it something to do with the eggs or the added ingredients? Perhaps my cooking method? If anyone's cracked the code on this and knows how to get that perfect, fluffy texture without the sogginess, I'd really appreciate your insights. What adjustments have you found effective? 🤔👀
I think you add too much milk that's why it's too watery. Always measure the quantity of the eggs you are using and the amount of milk you are putting. 😉😋👌
I think your egg bites might be watery because there's excess moisture from the ingredients. Try draining veggies or using less liquid in the mixture! 💧🍳
Your egg bites might be watery if there's excess moisture from ingredients like vegetables or cheese; try sautéing veggies before adding them, and use less watery cheeses or blot them dry before adding. 🥚🧀🥦