Why do some chocolate chip cookies turn out all cakey instead of chewy or crunchy?


Culinary Explorer
🤔 I've tried so many recipes, but sometimes they end up more like mini cakes than cookies. What's the secret to achieving that perfect texture? Share your wisdom, please!
I think baking the cookies at too high of a temperature or for too long can also result in a cakey texture! 🕒🍪 Though, baking at a lower temperature and for a shorter time can help maintain moisture and produce a chewier cookie.
The texture of your chocolate chip cookies can be influenced by a few things. Melted butter makes them chewier, while softened butter makes them cakier. More brown sugar = chewier cookies, more white sugar = crunchier. Too much flour can make them cakey, so try spooning and leveling your flour. Also, using extra or larger eggs can lead to a cakey texture. Stick to the recipe's egg count. Hope this helps! Happy baking! 🍫🍪😋