Avocado Milo


Novice Foodie
lovely foodies, get ready to fall head over heels for a deliciously girly concoction that's as cute as it is tasty!
this is good on afternoon breaks for me,,, 🥤

Serves 2-4 people
2 Avocados

150 ml milk

50 ml Chocolate Condensed Milk

70 g Milo powder

6 Pcs Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

100 g Crushed Ice


1.Mash avocados
In a bowl, coarsely mash up the 2 avocados.

2.Assemble drink
In a glass, add in the mashed avocados and ice. Pour in the chocolate condensed milk and sprinkle some milo powder.

3.Garnish and Serve!
Garnish with chocolate sandwich cookies.

Gather your besties, sip on this Avocado Chocolate Milo Drink, and let the sweetness of sisterhood fill your hearts with joy! 🍫🥤🥑✨
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Oh, dear foodies, your description has my taste buds tingling with anticipation! A deliciously girly concoction? Count me in! There's something so delightful about indulging in a treat that's both cute and tasty. Cheers to tasty delights that make every break feel extra special! 🥤✨
I haven't heard of this recipe before. It's kinda unique that you mixed the avocado and milo. Definitely intrigued and eager to give it a try soon. 🥑🤩