How Do You Keep Your Spatula Sparkling Clean?


Culinary Explorer
Fellow cooks! I could use some advice on spatula maintenance. 😬 How do you keep your spatula looking spotless? 🍳🚿 I'm worried about residue buildup and want to make sure I'm cleaning it properly. 🤔 Any tips or tricks to share for keeping my spatula sparkling clean without damaging the luster of my spatula?
Hi! I wash the spatula with mild dish soap and warm water after each use. Using a sponge, I gently scrub away any stubborn residue to ensure it stays clean and ready for next time.
I try to wash them as soon as I'm done using them to avoid the residue from hardening. I just use mild dish soap with water then I make sure to air dry them first before storing.
I think keeping your spatula clean is crucial for hygiene and taste, though it can be tricky with sticky ingredients.